OCT 27

Hair: Vintage Chic

By Melissa

I found this vintage hairstyle that would go perfectly with a 20′s bridal outfit. Here’s how to get this very polished look (courtesy Real Simple):

Step 1

Blow-dry hair with a round brush to create smoothness and a little volume. Make a side part and section off that part of hair to the opposite ear, clipping it out of the way (this will become the finger waves). Next, rub sculpting pomade in your palms and smooth the rest of the hair into a ponytail at the nape of the neck. Using your finger as a roller, take the top half of the ponytail and curl it toward the front of the head to create a mini bun. Secure the base of the bun to the back of your head with bobby pins.

Step 2

Gently spread the bun out horizontally and secure it to your head from left to right. Do the same with the lower half of the ponytail, curling it around your finger in the opposite direction, toward the nape. Secure with bobby pins, then spread open so you have two spread-open mini buns. Smooth any flyaways with a comb or a brush, then use flexible hairspray to finish.

Step 3

Divide hair into four 1-inch sections and use a small curling iron, working from front to back to create three waves in each section. Use your finger to loop waves around to make three pin curls. For the first section, wind hair downward around your finger to make three pin curls and secure each with a clip. On the next section, alternate the direction of the curl. You’ll have four rows of pin curls. Spray curls with a mist of flexible hairspray. Wait a minute for curls to cool. Remove clips and brush curls downward to create gentle waves; use fingers to smooth and sculpt, securing each with a section clip. Tuck the last wave into the scalp with a bobby pin; spray with super-hold hairspray; let dry. Use a curling iron to smooth and seal each wave, rolling the barrel in the direction that the curl is going.

Step 4

This concept is a little bit sexier than your average bride and all about the eyes (which makes for great photographs). Intensify the eye shape with a smokier eye, heavier waterproof mascara, and lining inside the lash line (a technique not recommended for those with small eyes since it can make them look even smaller) with a gray liner. Apply a taupey-gray eye shadow with coral in the crease.

{hair clip: Christina Garcia “Carrara” in brushed vintage with freshwater pearls and Swarovski crystals}

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thank you so much for this article on the vintage pin curl updo. this is so beautiful; i have wanted to learn to do this, and i actually want to do it on a regular basis (as the girls used to!)

*see ya later! thanks again!

* i can even send a picture my myself with the hairstyles sometime

jacqueline on May 28, 2009

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