It was about time we found a dress for my mom. So on a Saturday morning, myself, mom and her BFF ventured out to Toronto determined to find the mother-of-the-bride dress.

Prior to our shopping trip, my mom explained that she already had a dress she would like to wear but since it’s black she thought it didn’t seem appropriate for a June wedding. (Also, she’s not in mourning, she loves David). So we did a little internet research and found some other dresses she liked by the same designer. Since we were determined not to shop at a bridal salon for her wedding look, mom’s best friend suggested Freda’s in Toronto, Ontario. After a look at their website, it turns out they carried the designer we were looking for.

So off to the city we went. First to Freda’s, with a list of other options in case we struck out there.

Although everyone will say “it’s all about the bride”, I do want my mom, and David’s mom, to look and feel their best on the day of our wedding. Nobody puts mummy in a corner! It’s an exciting day for them as well, and there will be plenty of cameras. Why shouldn’t they feel like a million bucks? I wasn’t really concerned with the typical ettiquette in this case. I even said I was fine with an off-white or ivory dress. Maybe if she had picked an over-the-top floor length rhinestone-covered ball gown I might have stepped in, but she loves to dress up (unlike me) and this was totally her area of expertise. Mom tried on about 6 dresses at Freda’s but the very first one was our favourite, and the clear winner.


image via Freda’s


Maybe it’s hard to tell from the photo, but the fabric has a lot of texture and some metallic threads, it also picks up all of the colours the bridesmaids will be wearing. I love it. It coordinates with out being too matchy-matchy. It’s short, which was what mom was also hoping for, because she felt pretty warm in the long gown she wore for my brother’s wedding five years ago. She can totally wear it again! (Insert bridesmaid joke here.)

The staff at Freda’s were helpful and friendly and even the other women shopping complimented her on the dress. As a matter of fact, my mom also brought with her a pair of her favourite heels that she hoped to wear again for our wedding, and one shopper loved them so much she offered to buy them from her right there in the store!

It was such a fun day and I can’t wait to see my mom all dolled up for our wedding this June.

If you’re starting the hunt for the mothers’ dresses soon, consider boutique shopping rather than a bridal salon, so your mom or future mother-in-law can find something she loves with out looking like a bridesmaid. We were also going to visit Holt Renfrew or Tocca in Oakville. If splurging isn’t in the budget, what about Holt Renfrew Last call, designer outlet stores, or Banana Replublic? Even a simple dress can be embellished with some great shoes and accessories. Also, BHLDN just launched a new section on their site for mothers with some really pretty picks.

Where did you guys have luck shopping for your moms?


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I LOVE that dress! And great to hear you gave her the freedom to choose what she wanted. She’ll look amazing.

Melissa on March 25, 2013

My mom bought her dress from a boutique as well. But it wasn’t a name brand store or designer. Just the fashion boutiques you would find in your neighbourhood mall/plaza. Comfort, style and then price were our priorities.

Charlene on March 25, 2013

How gorgeous will your mom look in this??!! Love it. It’s classy but steps away from the traditional look of MOB gowns, letting those hot mommas out there show off their sexy selves. Great post Krista!

Amanda on April 03, 2013

Love this dress too but I am 64 not flashy but classy- wedding is in the back garden of an old stone house on the Rideau so high heels are a no no - really like linen but do not want to be hot and I need to be able to move quickly?? Will look at Freda’s and Holts Last Call thanks would appreciate any more info - everyone says I should wear colour

Margot Rothwell on February 28, 2014

This post was super helpful as my mom doesn’t buy a lot of fancy clothes, so I had no idea where to take her for MoB dress shopping. Thank you!

Laura on April 26, 2014

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