APR 08

Are We There Yet?

By Krista

We’re in the home stretch. Finally. 

Admittedly, I’m at that point in the planning process where it’s often hard to focus on the joy of the wedding. I often feel up to my eyeballs in stress, obsessed with the details and worrying more about what could potentially go wrong. (Once again, a reminder why my wedding planning clients hire me in the first place.) We are past the quiet period where most big details are settled, vendors are booked and there’s nothing pressing. We’ve breezed past that blissful phase and now we’re well on our way, with less than two months to go until the wedding day.

Now we’re smack dab in there’s-no-time-left-make-a-decision-and-live-with-it phase.

Our invitations are all in the mail. Mailed with porcupine stamps no less. I’m still not sure whether I care that there’s a spiky animal on the postage or not. Not very pretty or wedding-y if you ask me. But at least, after a week and a half of addressing, stuffing, tying, list-checking and stamping, our invites are out. I surrender. Canada Post, don’t fail me now. I will attempt to breath a sigh of relief and remind myself that the task is done and complete, rather than anticipating receiving all the RSVPs and what an overtaking it might be to arrange the seating plan.

On to the next headache  task. Task/issue… Whatever you want to call it.



I seem to have misplaced our guestbook poster.

How I managed to lose a massive two-foot by three-foot poster that has been living on my office floor ever since it arrived in the mail is beyond me. It wasn’t until I purchased a frame, unwrapped it, Windexed the glass and went to find the poster to place it in the frame that I realized it was missing. Several days later it has not turned up. Normally it will dawn on me suddenly in the middle of brushing my teeth or washing dishes and I could visualize where I had put it the last time I had it. Not this time around. Still missing.

Thankfully I’ve been diligent about storing the rest of our wedding bits safely (and all together) in an extra closet.

So I’m off to Etsy to purchase another guestbook. And then after that, I think it’s time to book a massage. De-stress is the new mission.

How did you cope with wedding stress?


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I totally know what you mean. I’ve booked all the vendors and now all that’s left are the little details! It’s such a weird phase of the wedding planning process! It’s like you’re just sitting and waiting for everything to happen.

Vinnie on April 08, 2013

Same thing happened at my sisters wedding! His mother bought them a giant wedding sign and it wasnt until 4 months after the wedding did they find it in OUR basement!

Ray on April 08, 2013

Ditto Krista & Vinnie since I am an end of August bride. But I am filling in the wait time for the little things by doing all the work that DOES not require input from vendors (i.e. Photo Guest Book, Mailing Labels, Washroom Baskets, Frames of Parent’s Wedding Pictures, etc.). I also spend time shopping for decor items for the sweetheart / entrance table.

Charlene on April 11, 2013

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