It’s groom week here on Wedding Obsession. Men, you aren’t forgotten! In fact, you play such a big role in the special day so it’s important that you look the part. This week we’ll have a couple guest bloggers to share some of the latest trends, styles and best places on etsy and online to purchase your attire and accessories.

First off, it’s always important that the groom stand out against his groomsmen. The worst thing is when you look at a wedding photo of the groom with his men, and you can’t quite figure out who’s tying the knot. And gone are the days when you just had to give the groom a different boutonniere in order to distinguish him from the rest. In fact, just by looking at past weddings featured here, you can see that there’s so many more ways to make you feel special. Feel free to click on each image to be directed to the real wedding feature.

The jacket - with or without which contrasts your groomsmen

Ties / Bowties - A different color from the groomsmen

The Tux - a slight shade lighter/darker or a completely different color


  The Shoes - stand out!


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Great article for the men! Fortunately my handsome groom will be in his Scottish kilt on the big day while the rest of his groomsmen will be in their navy suits! Can’t wait to see them all dressed up!

Gina on April 30, 2013

    that sounds awesome gina - congrats on your engagement!

    Melissa on April 30, 2013

Love these grooms’ posts! My groom will be wearing a grey vest with a grey tux and the groomsmen will be wearing a purple vest with a grey tux!

Vinnie on May 01, 2013

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