Wrapping up our 4-day feature are Stephanie and Chelsea of Stevie + Bean Paperie. I absolutely love the stationery items featured. They’re bold, fresh and fun. Styling of the pieces are by Pink & Honey and captured by Shannon Yau Photography.

How long have you been designing stationery?
After collaborating on a number of projects while in school at the Alberta College of Art & Design, we realized we loved working together and had design styles that complimented one-another beautifully. After graduation, it was imperative we found another reason to keep working together, and in March of 2012 we let our passion for stationery take over, and turned our hobby into a business. Although our experience in the design industry runs 5 plus years, Stevie + Bean is just a year and a half young! We are very proud of what Stevie + Bean Paperie has accomplished in its short life-span, however, we’ve really only just begun

stevie + bean paperiestevie + bean paperiestevie + bean paperiestevie + bean paperiestevie + bean paperie

Describe your inspiration behind this design.
The inspiration behind this collection came from a real-life bride and groom whom we adore! The couple came to us with their brilliant wedding plans to get married in a historic apple packing plant. They wanted something bright, vibrant and accented with gold (similar to their personalities) and told us to let our imaginations run wild! They were dream clients. Our vision was to combine the rustic feeling of the venue with a modern edge. The use of bold colours, accents of gold, elegant floral pattern and hits of fuchsia resulted in a whole lotta’ awesomeness. This suite is now part of our collections; Regal Whiptail.

Describe your style.
We tend to design for the vanguard, less-traditional couples who want something completely unique and personal. Our style is meant to be amusing, quirky at times, and whimsical. We put a lot of thought into our copy and hope that it brings a smile to the people receiving it. Our goal is to inspire and amuse through beautifully designed stationery and to deliver little bits of joy to mailboxes around the globe.

stevie + bean paperie

What or who are the main influences on your style/designs?
The couples we work with always influence our designs. Everyone has a little detail, story, or inside joke that can spark an idea and evolve into an entire wedding suite. When designing a custom suite, we always encourage couples to include some of these personal details. It’s these little details that give wedding stationery that personal touch and reflect individual style. We are always on the lookout for interesting colour combinations, patterns and shapes in our everyday travels — constantly updating our inspiration boards.

stevie + bean paperie


What is your favourite colour combination or design detail that you are in love with right now?
Stephanie: Well when it comes to colour palettes we are definitely drawn to very different things, which I think is what works so well for us as a partnership. We balance each other out. I am all about bright colours and gold. Everything gold, loud patterns and geometric shapes. Chelsea is a bit the opposite…

Chelsea: Yes - this is true, we have very different styles…my inspiration boards typically consist of black, white and 10 different shades of grey. Ha…but for Stevie + Bean right now, bright colours rule, pattern paired with clean typography, and working with new and non-traditional copy is fuelling our designs.

- - -

Stevie + Bean Paperie

Styled by Pink & Honey
Photography by Shannon Yau Photography

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