A Newlywed’s Wedding Day Re-Cap

OCT 14

September 15th blew by so fast, I barely had time to breathe. The entire day was like a dream - so surreal because it’s completely different from all the other days in my life so far. I didn’t sleep well the night before, despite making an effort to go to bed at 10:30 pm. I […]read more

2 weeks until the big day & major excitement!

SEP 02

I logged into my registry today and it informed me there are only 14 days until the big day. Eeps! Is everything in order? I still need to: call all my vendors to check in send the list of decor to my wedding day of coordinator make the seating chart (can you believe my parents […]read more

Tea bag favours and less than 1 month until the big day!

Tea bag favours and less than 1 month until the big day!

AUG 19

I can’t believe that the wedding is less than one month away! I spent almost my entire evening packaging favours for the big day. Stephen and I are both big tea drinkers - in fact, it was one of the first things we bonded over. So it just made sense that we would give out […]read more

Culture Clash and Wedding Activities

AUG 05

  Only 1.5 months left until the big day! Looking back on the wedding planning process, one of the things I did not anticipate was the cultural differences in expectations for wedding-related stuff, some of which I’ve already discussed in a previous post. For example, there’s no such thing as a bridal shower and a […]read more

The Extra Dress Dilemma - Bachelorette, Shower, or Reception?

JUL 22

I was going to Ariana Bridal’s closing sale yesterday to shop for a bridesmaid’s dress for my best friend’s wedding. I found a flowy blush bridesmaid’s dress, but I also tried on a knee-length ivory tulle dress. Their promotion was 2 dresses for $70, so obviously, I had to buy them both. The problem is, […]read more

Hair and Make-up Consultation - 3 months before the big day

JUL 08

I had my hair and make-up consultation last weekend hours before my engagement shoot. I decided to get more bang for my buck so I can look nice and made up for the shoot. For my hair, I wanted nice loose waves and a bit of back combing to get some volume at the back […]read more

Wedding Haul from Hong Kong

JUN 24

In March, I went back to Hong Kong to attend my sister’s wedding. I had the chance to participate in a very traditional Chinese wedding, and I picked up a few items in Hong Kong to incorporate into my wedding here in September. The giant red umbrella is not for rain! As the maid of honour, I had […]read more

Married! Our Sneak Peek Video By Outside In Studio

JUN 17

Over a week since the wedding and it’s still hard to believe it actually happened. Then I look down at my wedding band, and yep, it’s all done! All that hard work, sleepless nights, tears of joy (and frustration), over a year and a half of preparation culminating in the party of the century! So […]read more

The lull between wedding planning and the wedding

The lull between wedding planning and the wedding

JUN 03

What happens after you’ve booked all your vendors, made most of your DIY stuff, and sent most of your invites? Not that much. There are 3.5 months until our wedding and I find there isn’t much left to do!   I actually tried to get my dress altered yesterday, but the store asked me to […]read more

It’s Here

MAY 27

FINALLY! I’m getting married this week. THIS WEEK. The last couple of weeks have been lots of fun, with showers, BBQs, friends are in from out of town and everyone is excited. Aside from all that fun, there have also been a few more hiccups behind the scenes, but nothing world-ending. It is what it […]read more

Wedding Registries, Chinese Culture, and Empty Apartment

MAY 19

Unlike many couples, Stephen and I are not living together and I won’t officially move in until we are married. We just moved him into our place this week, so we actually do need a lot of quality housewares. In my culture, everyone tends to give cash for weddings. We usually account for at least […]read more

My DIY Wedding Programs

My DIY Wedding Programs

MAY 13

Only a few weeks left until our walk down the aisle… (19 days if you want to get specific. HOLY COW!) Here’s a little of what I’ve been up to lately: I decided we needed some simple wedding programs. But with not much time left to order things, I would have to make them myself. Easy […]read more

100 packages of drink tokens finished!

100 packages of drink tokens finished!

MAY 06

Remember my project to make attractive drink tokens? I finished them! I finally wrapped all 100 packages in tulle, finished off with a ribbon and a little card! All it took was 3 episodes of Four Weddings Canada to finish wrapping all of them. I had the cards printed at Staples and I used leftover ribbon from […]read more

Wedding Cake, Check!

Wedding Cake, Check!

APR 18

Let’s pretend for a minute that I didn’t leave ordering our wedding cake until less than two months before the wedding. Agreed? Okay great. In my defence  I’ve been in contact with Cake And Loaf bakery about it for over a year, on and off over email. I thought our plans were pretty simple so it […]read more

Do or don't: RSVP by email or telephone

Do or don’t: RSVP by email or telephone

APR 15

I just got my invitations printed in Hong Kong for a ridiculously low cost (about $40) but I didn’t get response cards printed yet. My fiance and I have decided against mail response cards with postage, but instead will list my phone number, his phone number and our joint email address. We have several reasons […]read more

Are We There Yet?

Are We There Yet?

APR 08

We’re in the home stretch. Finally.  Admittedly, I’m at that point in the planning process where it’s often hard to focus on the joy of the wedding. I often feel up to my eyeballs in stress, obsessed with the details and worrying more about what could potentially go wrong. (Once again, a reminder why my […]read more

Mother Of The Bride Dress, Check

MAR 25

It was about time we found a dress for my mom. So on a Saturday morning, myself, mom and her BFF ventured out to Toronto determined to find the mother-of-the-bride dress. Prior to our shopping trip, my mom explained that she already had a dress she would like to wear but since it’s black she […]read more

A Starry Alternative to Drink Tickets

A Starry Alternative to Drink Tickets

MAR 18

Remember my dilemma about open bar? After long discussions with family members, we settled on using drink tickets/tokens. But I wasn’t satisfied using just raffle tickets. So I DIY-ed my own. I bought star shaped wooden chips from Michael’s for under $5 per pack of 130. For my wedding with 80 guests, I bought 2 packs. I […]read more

Special Delivery

Special Delivery

MAR 11

As I write this, I’m in my home office in Ontario, but when it goes live on Wedding Obsession Monday, I’ll be sittin’ pretty by a pool in California. Woo hoo! This pasty Canadian girl is spending the weekend visiting friends and the super exciting Cream event in LA. Bring on the sunshine and palm […]read more

Share The Love: Polar Stones Discount

MAR 08

Gifts for your wedding party can often be a tricky decision. That was the case for Dave and I at least. It seemed that he turned down most of my suggestions for our grooms men. The decision is made now and he’s very excited about the super secret customised gifts he picked for his buddies. But […]read more

Issues of Great Weight

MAR 04

Last weekend, I went to A Wedding Affair show at River Rock Casino in Richmond and was handed some trial diet pills and some flyers. It seems I can’t go to a wedding show without being bombarded with weight loss booths. It really doesn’t help that my bridal salon said it’s easier to let out […]read more

Counting Down

Counting Down

FEB 25

Time flies when you’re having fun… Or stressing out. Holy cow. (Am I saying that a lot in my posts lately?) This past Thursday marked 100 days until the wedding! Since I promised one of the grooms men that I would not share a daily countdown on Facebook, I’ve been marking the big milestones instead. 200, 150, […]read more

DIY Mini Bunting Banners

DIY Mini Bunting Banners

FEB 18

For my last post, I showed you how I made my bunting table numbers. It doesn’t stop there! I am making a bunch of mini bunting banners as a cake topper, as a “Cards” sign, and just extras to hang around as decor. I printed off extra flags from The Pretty Blog and stuck on some […]read more

Bridal Show Blitz

Bridal Show Blitz

FEB 11

If December is for engagements, then January is definitely for bridal shows. Newly engaged back in 2012, I only visited the first WedLuxe show with Wedding Obsession owner Melissa. This year, was a different story! This year, I attended not one but five bridal shows, as a bride-to-be, bridal blogger, wedding planner and an exhibitor. It’s certainly many hats […]read more

DIY Bunting Banner Table Numbers

DIY Bunting Banner Table Numbers

FEB 04

My maid of honour and I got together one night, went to Dollarama, bought a bunch of supplies, got Thai take out, and spent the whole  night crafting for my wedding. It was one of the funnest nights I’ve ever had! Find out how to make your own bunting banner table numbers below. My materials […]read more

My First Experience with Etsy: Wedding Cake Toppers

JAN 21

I had no idea why everyone was gushing about Etsy years ago. What was the big deal? Isn’t it just people making stuff and putting it up for sale? And then I got engaged and I realized how much awesome stuff there is on Etsy. Everything looked so cute, but I didn’t really picture myself […]read more

Checking In - 4 Months To Go

JAN 14

  Holy cow, where did the time go? Back when we first got engaged, our June 1 2013 wedding seemed so far away. I thought I had all the time in the world. Cut to midnight on New Years Eve when my girlfriends started to text, variations of “You’re getting married this year!” I started […]read more

I was a Christmas engagement bride! What about you?

I was a Christmas engagement bride! What about you?

JAN 07

Did you get engaged over the winter holidays? It was just over one year ago on Christmas Eve of 2011 that Stephen popped the question. I have been engaged for more than one year! I remember a surge of excitement last Christmas - I couldn’t wait to marry the best guy I have ever met. […]read more

Bridesmaids Dresses, Check

JAN 02

I was still a little unsure of exactly what we were looking for when my five bridesmaids and walked in to Saratina Bridal Boutique on a Saturday morning. As usual I had a few pins in mind, hoping to find a long strapless dress in chiffon that all the girls might like. Whether or not they […]read more

The Thing About Pink Tulle

DEC 17

  It’s barely been a month since I blogged about what my bridesmaids would wear… I’m kind of embarrassed to say that I’ve changed my mind. Again. Here’s the thing about pink tulle… It’s lovely, and out of the ordinary and quirky. All reasons why I loved the idea of tulle skirts for my girls. […]read more

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