Latest Obsession: Wedding Dress Portraits

MAY 23

I’m in love with painted portraits of wedding gowns by Diane Bronstein which you can cherish as artwork in your home for years to come. All it takes is a photo of the bride either at the wedding or at a fitting. It’s a great gift idea for the bride or a great way for the […]read more

Latest Obsession: Washi Tape

Latest Obsession: Washi Tape

MAY 17

I’m still obsessed with washi tape and love using it! In addition to coming in loads of colors, sizes and patterns, I love the fact that it can be removed quite easily so if you’re looking to change it up often or don’t want a permanent change, this is your best friend. 1. 2. 3. […]read more


Inspiration Board: Mint + Gold Glitter

FEB 22

There are two “things” I’ve been obsessed with as of late. Anything glittery gold and anything MINT! I absolutely love the color. In fact, my desk lamp, decor accents and ultimate favorite shade of nail polish is mint. So if I had to get married all over again (to the same man, love you jason), […]read more

Latest Obsession: Layered Bracelets

JAN 18

My latest obsession is something fashion filled - for a bride or for everyday wear. I love the look of layered bracelets, each of a different style but a similar color/tone. Have I also mentioned my affinity for gold as well? More please! J Crew always has some unique pieces that you can pair together. […]read more

astilbe wedding bouquets vintage pink

Latest Obsession: Astilbe in Bouquets

OCT 10

Lately I’ve been falling in love with bouquets just full of texture. One of my latest obsessions has to be the use of astilbe in bouquets. It creates not only interest in the bouquet but it’s entirely soft and pretty when it is in a bouquet all by itself. These bouquets kind of have a […]read more

Latest Obsession: Gingham

Latest Obsession: Gingham

SEP 27

It’s been a while since I’ve shared my latest obsession. Today, it’s gingham style baby! (and yes, I do kind of get it mixed up with that darn song that keeps playing on the radio, for now that is). Gingham has a way of adding some country/retro/rustic flair to any wedding. My favorite is mixing […]read more


Latest Obsession: Pretty Elephant Details

AUG 31

It has been so long since I’ve had a chance to share some of my latest obsessions. I’ve had so many great submissions as of late, so I’m pretty sure you won’t be too upset if the real weddings/engagements take over for a little bit ;) We also have a couple contests (one for Toronto […]read more


Latest Obsession: Mixed Bridesmaid Dress Styles

JUN 18

Who said bridesmaids have to wear the same outfits? I admit I was one of those brides and believed that rule was one that shouldn’t be broken. Well, shouldn’t is a strong word…in fact the thought never even came to me while I was planning my wedding. Next to graphic bridesmaid dresses, my latest obsession […]read more


Latest Obsession: Chalk Decor

JUN 14

Speaking of chalk backdrop, it’s made me realize I have yet to proclaim my love for chalk decor in weddings. Whether it be a backdrop, menu, guestbook or just somewhere to proclaim your union that day, chalk decor is definitely here to stay. I love how artistic the designs have become and it’s an inexpensive […]read more

Latest Obsession: 3D Wedding Invites

APR 04

I love when brides/grooms add a bit of innovation to their wedding invites. Here’s a couple that have something in common, they literally pop off the page. If it’s something you’re a bit weary about, you can also consider doing this for your save-the-dates which always have room for a little fun. Do you like? […]read more


Latest Obsession: Gold Metallic Wedding Details

MAR 28

one. metallic graphic wedding invitation from Digby & Rose two. chevron gold metallic liners from Hammocks & High Tea (used as drawer liners, but how awesome would they be as placemats or details on certain reception tables?) $25 three. mini paper mache bowl in black + gold from etco (on etsy) $13 four. polka dot […]read more


Latest Obsession: Modern + Fun Wedding Placemats

MAR 21

Weddings sometimes are just too uptight, don’t you think? So when I came across this super fun and rad wedding placemat, it seriously put a smile on my face. Who wouldn’t want to be greeted with this modern piece upon arriving at their table? // images: Mark Caneso & Tiffany Gosden via FPOread more

curved wedding aisle pink

Latest Obsession: Curved Wedding Aisles

FEB 08

Who said wedding aisles have to be straight? I recently came across the first image on Pinterest and asked myself that very question. As long as the guests can still see the front where the vows will be exchanged, who cares about the path you’ll be walking down? Let’s change things up! So very modern… […]read more

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