Bridal Flats

Ballet flats are a great idea if wearing heels all day isn’t your cup of tea. Like myself, some brides also prefer flats because otherwise, they would be taller than the groom!

What would be elegant than classic white bridal flats…

Bridal Flats

Bella Belle Flats  Bridal Flats  Bridal Flats

Bridal Flats

Bridal Flats

Now a days brides are using some other colors than classic white. These colors are mostly related to the wedding theme. Also, there are some pastels in bridal flats also available.

Bridal Flats

Bridal Flats

Emmy London Victoria flats

Bridal Flats

Bridal Flats

Kate Spade Sela Bow Flats

This was all about the bridal flats, now let us move towards other accessories that the bride needs. For this, I have found some of the best Canadian jewelry for brides.

We have a lot of local talent here in Canada and sometimes we really forget that! One of my goals for this New Year is to bring to you stronger Canadian content and in particular, support Canadian vendors and professionals. And here we are…

Elsa makes absolutely stunning custom jewelry for brides. Infused with a sense of vintage and Hollywood glamour, this Vancouverite started the bridal collection in 2006 to celebrate her own wedding. What I love about her pieces is that you can wear them again after the wedding and they truly can become heirlooms. Love!

Bridal Flats - elsa corsi jewellery bridal

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How do you describe an ‘Elsa Corsi’ bride?

The Elsa Corsi Bride has a love for the glamour of Old Hollywood, loves tradition but is not old fashioned. She loves quality and fine things but isn’t frivolous. She is sentimental and adores wearing her jewelry to commemorate her special occasions and those of her loved ones.

What is your favorite color palette for a wedding?

Right now, I love the black and white color scheme. There is something elegant and timeless about it.

bridal flats


Elsa was recently awarded Best Jewellery Design at the first 2010 Professional BC Wedding Awards. Check out to see more of her gorgeous pieces and how you can snag one up for your own wedding.

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