Unique Bouquets – Blacks, Beads, and Twig

Black is always a sharp wedding color when incorporated with white and is slowly becoming a very popular theme. In fact, Ashlee Simpson carried a bouquet and had centerpieces made of black roses. Well, mini calla lilies also come in a black variety called the Black Schwarzwalder. However, they are actually deep purple in color but look almost black when they are fresh. As they age, they lighten to a rich purple color. 
Unique Bouquets - black calla lillies bouquet
Unique Bouquets - beaded bouquetI have to admit this is perhaps the most unique bridal bouquet I’ve ever come across. Pictured here is a bouquet of 30 beaded stems made of galvanized silver wire hand-wrapped with beading up top. The beads seen here are Celestial Crystals, though the seller says Swarovski crystals can be substituted. Interested? They also make matching boutonnieres. This bouquet incorporates green twig dogwood throughout the otherwise classic bouquet. This was all about black classic bouquet now let’s see what Lauren from academy florists shares on making of unique bridal bouquets.
Lauren Wiebe of Academy Florists (Winnipeg, Manitoba) shares with us today some of their beautiful bouquet creations of varying styles which I hope will inspire you when you’re deciding on your own bouquets. There are so many fantastic ideas! Enjoy… 

black bouquets

Here’s a twist off a simple bouquet of red roses. This bouquet incorporates green twig dogwood throughout the otherwise classic bouquet.

Some more black bouquets which are unique and very beautiful.

unique black bouquets

Unique Black Bouquets

Unique Black Bouquets

This one is Unique Black Bouquets made up of paper.

Unique Black Bouquets

Brides have been asking us for a wide variety of different flowers, bouquets, and styles, so we thought it would be a great idea to share some of these with Wedding Obsession readers.
Some of the different elements brides are asking for:


rustic pink and green bouquet
Photo credit: Kamp Photography



vintage soft pink peach bouquet
Photo credit: Kamp Photography


soft pink green bouquet
Photo credit: Michelle Zerr Photography


red rose bouquet green grass
Photo credit: Kelly Bik Photography




vibrant orchid pink red bouquet
Photo credit: Palma Photography


-natural accents (lots of pods, branches, etc.)

pods green purple organic bouquet
Photo credit: Moore Photography


-glam (bling and feathers)

soft vintage white pink bouquet rhinestone wrap
Photo credit: Kristen Deanne Photography



rustic brown and white bouquet for winter
Photo credit: blf Studios

-unique accents (oversized pearls, strings of pearls around the handle, wire cages, brooches, bling, old necklaces, birdcage veils, burlap and bark wire, lots of lace, etc.)

lace brooch bouquet vintage white peach
Photo credit: Moore Photography


pink teal bouquet
Photo credit: Kamp Photography


pink teal bouquet
Photo credit: This Sweet Love Photography

-clusterings of flowers rather than mixed throughout the bouquet (as seen in some of the bouquets below)

fall bouquet orange deep purple red
Photo credit: Moore Photography


-big blooms (as always peonies are popular, as well as garden roses, hydrangea, kale, dahlias) as well as amazing composite rose bouquets

vibrant orange fushia yellow bouquet
Photo credit: Moore Photography

white yellow billy ball bouquet
Photo credit: luckygirl wedding photography

Orange white bouquet gerber
Photo credit: Tracey Kiansky Photography

pink purple bouquet colorful
Photo credit: Simply Rosie Photography

-unique flowers and all-green bouquets (we are using different varieties of proteas in lots of bouquets)

all green bouquet large
Photo credit: Moore Photography

all white bouquet
Photo credit: Victoria Anne Photography

red berry bouquet blue white
Photo credit: Moore Photography

-more brides are also asking us for small bouquets for their engagement sessions

white calla bouquet
Photo credit: Moore Photography

All bouquets are made by Academy Florists.

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