Latest Obsession: Poster Wedding Programs

Lets talk about Latest Obsession: Poster Wedding Programs. Back in May 2010, I shared a taxi cab poster program that was utterly rad. And it seems like the trend has taken off. So today’s latest obsession is just that: large, in your face programs that are in a way, laid back and can be filled with nothing but personality. Whether you decide to create them on a regular 8.5″x11″ paper or in a larger format, this is bound to keep your guests occupied while they wait for you to walk down the aisle.

modern green taxi cab program poster

It’s a beautiful 9 fold Wedding Invitation Poster. A3 size paper is used to make this poster a wedding card. This beautiful idea of wedding card is taken from Pinterest. Please note that this item is not 100% handmade. Customers can change layout and artwork depend on their requirements. Content Maximum of 9 faces comprised of a title page, invitation page, maps/itinerary page, gifts/rsvp page interchangeable according to the client’s requirements. The vector artwork will be 90% black and white with small touches of colors. So guys why to wait…Go and get your wedding card customized.

Latest Obsession: Poster Wedding Programs

Representing another awesome piece of invitation. This is what you can call a wedding timeline where you can add times of functions like dinner, hair and makeup, wedding ceremony, first dance, dinner, and toast, farewell, etc.

Latest Obsession: Poster Wedding Programs

I hope you got inspired by seeing these beautiful foldable wedding invites. This will surely help you to design an amazing wedding card for your own wedding.

Now sharing some more poster wedding invitations which again be helpful to you…


Latest Obsession: Poster Wedding Programs - western style wedding program poster

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