Latest Obsession: Neon Brights

It’s been a while since I’ve shared one of my “latest obsessions”. And for this one, I kind of struggled with sharing it because I undoubtedly fear this being labeled a post supporting the tacky 1980’s. But honestly, if you infuse neon in small doses without overwhelming the color scheme, it can be fresh, modern, and absolutely FUN. Here are a couple of things I’ve come across to show you how chic using neon brights can be.

What do you think about neon for weddings?


How awesome would this be for a wedding seating chart? Wrapping a large wooden frame with Fushia string and attaching individual seating cards.


This would be so great if anyone can make wedding invite in this unique combo of neon green and black. This is so amazing and eye-catchy. Don’t you feel so?


Wohhh…!!! Bridesmaids in bright and fresh neon colors…<3


Super lovely bride in a vibrant neon yellow necklace and waist belt and with neon Fuschia pants over the traditional white gown. This is an awesome fusion outfit for the neon theme wedding. Right???

neon wedding bouquet What a pretty neon sky, neon blue, and purple bouquet it is!!!

neon wedding cake

(Delicious cake decorated with neon purple roses)


Now let’s see my new obsession which is nothing but the gingham pattern. How we can use ginghams at the wedding? Let’s have a look at different ideas on how these ginghams can be integrated with the wedding things.

So…Today, it’s gingham style baby! (and yes, I do kind of get it mixed up with that darn song that keeps playing on the radio, for now, that is). Gingham has a way of adding some country/retro/rustic flair to any wedding. My favorite is mixing it with stark modern details because it adds a little fun and personality.

gingham wedding details (1)

(Gingham style ribbon to the bouquet, Gingham tie, Gingham pattern wedding invite)

gingham wedding details (4)


(Gingham bow)

gingham styled vest coat

(Gingham styled vest coat )

Gingham flared pink wedding dress

(Gingham flared pink wedding dress)

Do you like the idea of adding a little bit to your wedding when you want it to be more fun???

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