Greyhound Wedding at the Berkeley in Toronto

Today’s bride and groom met almost 13 years ago in art school and after dating 12 years (wow!), they finally tied the knot. Held in Toronto’s historical Berkeley Church which was built in 1871, they DIY’d many of their wedding details, including the adorable coffee filter grey flowers hung on the branches of their centerpieces. They’re both avid greyhound lovers, so they chose to incorporate this and the color grey into their wedding. I absolutely love the juxtaposition of the beautifully restored building next to the modern pink/purple uplighting. Photos are by Jennifer Klementti Photography.


grey dress bridesmaids wedding toronto

succulent bouquet white grey modern invites

beautiful silver wrap bouquet white succulent

I have a ton of great moments, but one of my favorites is when we were exchanging vows and my sister forgot the rings in the limo and had to run out of the church, getting back just in time to hand them to the priest who was oblivious to the issue. Everyone laughed because she gave a huge sigh of relief and shook her head in apology! It seemed to relax everyone and was actually a very comical yet somehow endearing moment.


pink flower hair toronto wedding

grey bridesmaids black suits grooms


grey small centerpieces white hydrangeaberkeley-church-wedding-white-silver-toronto

berkeley wedding toronto white grey decor DIY

Our wedding was inspired by the vintage feel of our venue, The Berkeley Church- a restored church built in the late 1800’s. We used a palette of dark grey,soft grey, and ivory. My husband and I didn’t care much for the traditional fall colors but we still wanted everything to feel seasonal. I was worried for a while that everything might feel a little too “somber” with all the grey but it turned out amazing. Another important part of our wedding was our underlying “Greyhound” theme. Which by chance tied in with our “Grey” colors! LOL! My husband and I are dog lovers and own two Whippets (which are small greyhounds) We wanted to incorporate this into our wedding so we donated on behalf of our guests to a greyhound rescue group. We made little flipbooks with our dogs wearing handmade Thank you sign, and the cover had our names and wedding date on it as a take-home for our guests. We also had a signature cocktail which was a mix of vodka and grapefruit otherwise known as A Greyhound!

chalkboard framed seating chart suitcase gifts


chalkboard menu greyhound cake topper


berkeley wedding toronto pink uplighting

Any advice for future brides-to-be?
My advice to brides would be to take everything in stride. It will not be perfect, but sometimes it’s the imperfect that will make your day great. It will be amazing no matter what. Promise.xoxo


Photography: Jennifer Klementti Photography
VenueBerkeley Church

I hope you like the wedding pictures…Happy weekend…!!!
That was it all about Greyhound Wedding at the Berkeley in Toronto

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