Latest Obsession: 3D Wedding Invites

I love when brides/grooms add a bit of innovation to their wedding invites. Here’s a couple that has something in common, they pop off the page. If it’s something you’re a bit wary about, you can also consider doing this for your save-the-dates which always have room for a little fun. Do you like it?


With the invitation telling the romantic fairy tale story of their wedding, from the proposal to the actual wedding party at a castle with alpine scenery, the folded Leporello silhouette landscape card, does not only tell the story but is unique and a keepsake to always remember the most gorgeous day of their lives. The intricate design and the folded pieces, combined especially with the two-colored paper make this invitation a little piece of art.

It started as a hand-cut cutart wedding invitation, but I wanted it to be much more delicate and detailed. So the technique was to be laser cut with a touch of laser engraving. Producing an invitation without ink, it was a challenge to get the typography to be readable. Apart from that, it was also a challenge to not overdue the design, because the lasertime is expensive.

3D wedding invitations-3

3D wedding invitations


This DIY pop-up baby shower invitations I made (with the help of custom silhouettes by Le Papier Studio and modern calligraphy by Sincerely, Dapper) for our special friends. I’ll be hosting the event in Chicago on a Sunday after I photograph a fantastic winter wedding 😉 Being our friend’s first little one (nicknamed Baby Kiwi), I really wanted to make it memorable with a special theme: Polar Pop-Up Potluck! (hint hint, it’s in Chicago during February). The whole thing will be DIY at a modern floral shop space. Yes, I’ll have plenty of pics to show you next month, lots and lots of details! For now, take a peek of the invitation (resources listed at the end)!

modern calligraphy envelopes

pop-up paper invitation

grey red yellow mint green invitations

This was all about the latest 3D invitation obsession. Let us move to ballerina and swan lake inspired photoshoot in which this gorgeous couple has used very pretty golden and white 3D invitation.

Latest Obsession: 3D Wedding Invites