Super (“jump in my boots”) excited to share today’s photoshoot involving a bunch of talented Toronto and Ontario-area vendors. It’s vibrant, fresh and so unbelievably full of swoon-worthy details that you’ll want to bookmark this one for later. I had no idea you there were so many ways to use ribbon and it’s a fun, inexpensive way to spice up your wedding decor.

Vibrant Ribbon Inspired Wedding Photoshoot

Kate from The Little White Dress shares some tidbits about the photoshoot: Coming up with the theme for this shoot was actually not nearly as difficult as we’d anticipated. We knew we wanted to shoot outdoors, and that was about it. We brainstormed a few ideas but none of them really stuck. And then one day, amidst one of the many phone calls between the photographers and myself I blurted out the idea of maybe using ribbons as our inspiration, and we never looked back.

We wanted to show couples that you can take something as simple as ribbon as a starting point for a theme and incorporate it into every single component of your wedding, without being overwhelming!

orange-green-brown-stitched ribbon invitations

blue purple pink florals wedding

Since the vibrant ribbons we chose were the focal point of the shoot, we opted for a more simple location as a backdrop. We set up shop on a tiny piece of Humber Campus on Lakeshore Boulevard in Toronto where all of our ideas finally came to life through the lens of 3 Photography. What seemed like every 2 minutes, people walked by and shouted, “Congratulations!”, “What are you selling?”, and we even had a little girl come by who requested a photo with our male model. We couldn’t deny her. It was a lot of fun.

We really wanted the ribbon to be the focal point. We wanted it to really pop out of the shots and be very vibrant. And I think that by choosing such a simple backdrop we managed to do that quite easily.

pink and orange ribbon inspired photoshoot

ribbon covered table wedding orange blue red pink

white table ribbons colorful wedding

Everyone seemed to be completely on the same page when it came to designing for this shoot. From the colours we planned to use, to the interpretation of the ribbon itself, right through to the overall style and whimsy that we were trying to attain. In fact, when Nikke from The Chubby Bunny arrived on site with the cakes and I pulled out the Stationery I’d picked up the day before from Cindy of SheCreates we couldn’t believe how on point they were. Not only did they both decide to use pink and orange ribbon (only 2 of the many colours we had going through the colour palette), but they even cut the ends of the ribbon and positioned them exactly the same. Crazy!

green orange modern menu flag ribbon

-colored ribbon photoshoot wedding

Pam of Flourish Florals hit the nail on the head when it came to designing the florals for the shoot. Can you even believe the vibrancy of those flowers?! I couldn’t. When she dropped them off that morning I was in complete awe. They were so stunning. I hope I have a couple in the future who love colour this much!!

colorful orange green blue pink centerpiece florals

colored ribbon back of chair wedding

3photography toronto photoshoot

-pink ribbon cake side table wedding vintage modern

ribbon pink cake with flags

colorful multicolored cupcakes with flags

flag cake topper pink orange

green and pink boutonniere

pink and orange flags cake topper

toronto wedding photoshoot

toronto wedding photoshoot

pink and green bouquet modern

Vibrant Ribbon Inspired Wedding Photoshoot - 18 bride green and pink bouquet

We wanted our bride and groom to stand out and be beautiful (obviously) but we didn’t want them to take away from our focal point, the ribbons. We went for natural beauty and didn’t play them up too much and let their own gorgeousness speak for itself. We had two dresses for the bride – the long one I picked up at the BCBG outlet in Mississauga (my LOVE), and the shorter lace one she actually found herself at Marciano in Toronto. It was nice to see two different dresses with two totally different styles! The groom wore a navy blue suit with a bit of a pattern in it to bring a bit of visual interest and texture into the fabric, but again – nothing too over the top. Both models were absolutely fantastic. So sweet, funny and easy to shoot – I mean common, when you have a couple as beautiful as these two, I think its impossible not to get good shots!

ribbon bouquet

Vibrant Ribbon Inspired Wedding Photoshoot - 19 toronto wedding photoshoot canadian blog

Vibrant Ribbon Inspired Wedding Photoshoot - 20 little white dress photoshoot

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