Over a week since the wedding and it’s still hard to believe it actually happened. Then I look down at my wedding band, and yep, it’s all done! All that hard work, sleepless nights, tears of joy (and frustration), over a year and a half of preparation culminating in the party of the century!

So how did it go?

Short answer: Awesome.

I had drafted a rather long post, recapping our wedding day but then I saw our sneak peek video, by the absolutely amazing Outside In Studio and I thought they did a much better job than I ever could. Watch for a total deer in the headlights look at 3:40!

Need more? Where to begin?

I surprised myself by getting a good nights’ sleep at our house, while unusual for him, David tossed and turned a few minutes away at his parents’ place. I was up and at ‘em by 7 am, jumping excitedly around the house. Also unlike me, as I am anything but a morning person. I was just so relieved that after all the stress and lead up, it was finally the big day. Breakfast was my fave: mom’s home-made chocolate chip muffins.

Getting ready at the house was nice but a little hectic since I was the only one who knew where everything was. I was often having to shout the whereabouts of this and that in the kitchen from my makeshift salon in our living room. (Truth be told, I was a little distracted and often gave incorrect directions.) I trusted in some super-talented vendors, some that I have known for years and years and others that I have just gotten to know while planning the wedding but it was nice to be surrounded by friendly and familiar faces.

In the week leading up to the wedding day, the weather report was brutal. Thunderstorms were predicted and sure enough by Saturday it was 60% chance all day. I made the call while we were getting ready to move the ceremony indoors. No sense leaving everything set up outside for it to get rained on, even if things cleared in time for the ceremony. My grandparents got married during Hurricane Hazel, so who am I to complain?

I hardly remember getting out of the limo, or walking through the park with the girls, or anything our sweet photographer Beth said to me before I walked down the path to meet David. I was just so excited to see him, and spend the rest of the day together, and with our friends and family. It was the first time I ever saw him cry. Incredible.

I laughed through the entire ceremony, not just my vows. I was just so HAPPY! The entire evening was incredible. I felt the love from my brand new husband, our friends and family. Having everyone in one room was overwhelming and surreal, realizing they were all there to support us, even more so. And that sneaky surprise of his.

Halfway through the song I realized all of our guests were holding lyrics sheets, which meant they were all in on it and I was crying uncontrollably in no time. As much as I HATE surprises, that was a great one. I cannot believe Dave managed to hide piano lessons from me for 6 months! It was a day that exceeded all of my expectations!

Thanks to Melissa for letting me share the process with you all on Wedding Obsession.