My DIY Wedding Programs

Only a few weeks left until our walk down the aisle… (19 days if you want to get specific. HOLY COW!)

Here’s a little of what I’ve been up to lately:

My DIY Wedding Programs - 015I decided we needed some simple wedding programs. But with not much time left to order things, I would have to make them myself. Easy enough, right? Why not take a little break from RSVPs and seating arrangements to do some crafting.

I printed these on 8.5 by 13″ card stock from Michaels. Their card stock packs go on sale pretty often, if they’re not at the moment, there’s always coupons from their website or their app.

I made our program in Microsoft Word. The trickiest part was leaving lots of spacing between all the text so that it doesn’t look too crowded. First, I set all the margins for my page to half an inch, then I made the document two columns. In order for the borders to be spaced evenly once I cut the page in half, I made the distance in the middle, between the two columns 1 inch wide.

Then type in all your information. Names, date, location, officiant, musicians, parents, wedding party, etc. On the back, I also included an explanation on why “for like ever” is a reoccurring theme at our wedding, along with a thank you to our guests and parents. Also, in order to avoid this, there’s a section asking guests as politely as possible to turn off their cell phones and take fewer pictures.

I used the same font from our invitations for the headings and used periods at the top to marks spaces for me to hole punch later on.

Once I was finished, the word document was 2 pages. Page 1, both columns had the front of the program, and both columns had the back on page 2. Like this:

My DIY Wedding Programs

My DIY Wedding Programs - template

Because the card stock is a standard size it fits easily in the printer. I printed a few copies of page 1, turned the paper around, and put it back through the printer to print page 2 on the other sides.

Once everything is printed, it’s as simple as cutting down the middle of each page with a paper trimmer. I have this one from Fiskars, which I also grabbed with a coupon from Michaels a while back. The markings and ruler on the cutter make it really easy to make precise cuts. Then I hole punched the dots for the ribbon holes and tied a neat bow with some gross-grain ribbon. The ribbon was actually a great score from the dollar store.

One down, 150 more to go.

Now let me walk you through some of the inspiring ‘nautical’ themes that would be perfect for couples who want a beach themed wedding like us. The images come from a recent World Oceans Day celebration that was hosted by Oceana, Nautica, and Vanity Fair in New York City. So simple, yet so chic. I especially love the candles.


We loved this theme. We gonna keep this theme for our wedding with some little changes.


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